Safety production
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Safety Guideline
Compliant with laws and regulations, we put safety and prevention first to make continuous improvement.

Safety Management
Safety is the lifeline. As a three-level enterprise of safety standardization, we set up the Safety & Occupational Environment Committee to perform all-round safety production.
Safety Risk Emergency Management
Revise and improve the Comprehensive Emergency Response Plan for Production Safety Accidents to standardize emergency management and emergency response procedures for production safety accidents.
Safety Management of Outsourcing Parties
Outsourcing parties must be trained and certified to enter the factory after passing the examination.
Safety Management for the Staff
Train the staff for safety production based on Yearly Safety Training Plan to improve their safety level and operation skills.
Safety Monthly Activities
Organize and encourage all staff to participate safety monthly activities to improve their safety awareness.
Six Mechanisms of Production Safety
Six Mechanisms is built according to the requirements of the government to comprehensively strengthen the control on safety risk.
  • Risk search
    Summarize the risk list according to Safety Risk Search Manual and actual situation of the company, and clear the safety responsibility to each responsible individual.
  • Risk analysis
    Rate the risk into four grades for control, i.e. red, orange, yellow and blue from high to low. Make sure the identified risks are listed and managed dynamically.
  • Risk early warning
    Use data and other information technologies to strengthen the prediction and early warning of the risks, and enhance the initiative of risk control.
  • Risk prevention
    Hierarchical management from the organization, system, technology, emergency, etc. and develop preventive measures accordingly to strengthen source control and strictly check the safety of high-risk projects.
  • Risk disposal
    Strengthen the initial handling of the accidents to prevent it from spreading. Organize emergency drills to ensure the contingency plans is available and effective.
  • Risk responsibility
    Every individual must be involved in safety management and assumed the corresponding safety responsibility.