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Logo interpretation

The LOGO is made up of Chinese, English and graphics, with blue and red in the  background. Blue means the breadth of mind and red the symbol of fire. Shenjian in Chinese and English (SJ) denotes two meaning: Shenjian originates from the Rocket Force of PLA of China and have the struggling spirit of a swift and brave characteristic. The whole graph consists of the earth and the rocket, in which the earth means the united and earnest attitude and the international vision; the rocket symbolizes the efficient execution and determination for exploring and innovating.

Brand influence

Improve Shenjian brand value to a world-leading lelvel in four degrees (brand awareness, reputation, loyalty and influence) by 2024 through technical innovation, market share and profitability. Continue implementing Shenjian brand structure, optimizing brand communication system, strengthening brand publicity.

Committed to providing integrated solutions so that Shenjian’s green products can go into thousands of households through our partners.
Creat a world renowned brand for centuries
Teamwork, pragmatism, concentration, effiency, innovation, leadership
  • Management idea
    Professional focus, sincerity and integrity
  • Innovative ideas
    People have no I have, people have I excellent, people excellent I fine, people fine I cheap, people cheap I special
  • service idea
    Customer first, agile and effective, win win cooperation
  • Brand concept
    Keep improving and pursue excellence
  • Talent concept
    Having both ability and political integrity and putting morality first
  • Safety concept
    People oriented, life first
  • Learning philosophy
    Keep pace with the times, open up and innovate
  • Working philosophy
    Dedication, unity and cooperation be down-to-earth and dare to be the first