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Talent Concept
Well-rounded, integrity-oriented

While expanding production scale, the company keeps improving talents development by introducing high quality talents, providing training and competitive system, in order to build a team of highly skilled and qualified talents.
  • Strenghen the building of a talent team
    Strenghen the building of a talent team
    Carry out “5310” talent strategic plan, maintain the national post-doctoral workstation, implement successor plan for key positions, introduce and cultivate a number of diversified, international and versatile talents of high quality in management, R & D and operation skills, so as to build a sustainable talent team.
  • Improve the training system
    Improve the training system
    To build “Shenjian Business School” , including establishing a high level team of internal trainers and a learning organization for all staff to learn, so the education level, technical ability, professional quality and cultural complishment can realize an all -round improvement.
  • Improve salary-incentive mechnism
    Improve salary-incentive mechnism
    Innovate salary system, enrich incentive measures, organically combine salary incentive with performance and training, and establish a working and learning mode in which employees are advanced in learning, active and willing to make progress, so as to promote employees to grow and progress together with the company.
  • Optimize performance management
    Optimize performance management
    Improve KPI (key performance indicator) system, and constantly update and optimize it, strenghen the level of performance management to output results. Connect it with the incentive mechanism, for the purpose of constantly developing the employees to a better and higher direction.