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Dear friends

Since established in 1988, Shenjian has been committed to providing integrated solutions for customers with 30 years of exploration and accumulation, and now grown into a global leader in polyester resin for powder coatings under the innovative concept of “having what others don’t have, being better and deserved than what others have”.

Shenjian management, originated from the army, carried on the fine tradition of the army and integrated it into the business management, thus forming a unique Shenjian culture including "loyalty, justice, determination, innovation, and ambition to be the first". Since listed in 2010, Shenjian has always optimized the industrial structure, broadened the business of polyester resin to its raw material — neopentyl glycol (NPG) and launched into a new industry—high-end equipment manufacturing supported by "2025 strategy" of Chinese government.

Such development cannot be achieved without strong support from all sectors of the society, Shenjian sincerely appreciates such support and welcome friends to concern us as always. In the future, we will continue to drive the development by technical innovation, promote the management by strategy and make diversified development of both new chemical materials and high-end equipment to keep steady growth on performance. We will spare no efforts to enhance Shenjian’s influence and appeal in the international market with a strong sense of responsibility and mission, bring greater value for shareholders and more welfare for the society and in the end realize the great dream of "creating a world renowned brand for centuries"!