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SJ4817/SJ4818 sucessfully launched

date:2021.07.30 word size

Semi-superdurable dry blend matt polyester resin (SJ4817/SJ4818) for aluminum profiles used in construction which meets the national standard(GB/T 5237.4 -- 2017) has been successfully developed and mass produced.


Technical Specification for Resins

Powder recipe:

Curing condition: 200℃@10分钟

60° Gloss %:20~30°   

Gloss retention time for UVB-313nm50%>384h;


Note:UVB test method:

1. condesation:40℃±3℃,4hrs;

2. Exposure to light:50℃±3℃,0.75 w∕(m2· nm),4hrs