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National Manufacturing Champion Demonstration Enterprise

date:2022.12.05 word size

Recently, Shenjian was successfully selected on the list of the seventh National Manufacturing Champion Demonstration Enterprises for Single Product, after the procedures of publicity, review, etc. by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and China Federation of Industrial Economics, which achieved the zero breakthrough in the cultivation of the national manufacturing enterprise by Wuhu government.

Manufacturing Champion Enterprise for Single Product refers to an enterprise that dedicated to a specific product market segment for a long time, whose production technology or process leads the world and market competitiveness as well. The market share of the single product ranks among the top in the world, representing the global highest level of the corresponding manufacturing segment.

Based on a national enterprise technical center and a provincial postdoctoral research workstation, Shenjian has been successively awarded National Intellectual Property Demonstration Enterprise and National Green Factory in recent years. We always adhere to have a deep plough on the polyester resins for powder coatings since the establishment. Being selected on the list this time not only truly reflects the competitiveness and comprehensive strength of Shenjian, but also fully affirms the spirit of Shenjian’s focusing on the main business and persistent innovation for over 30 years. In 2021, Shenjian achieved sales of 189,500 MT, ranking the first among the “Top Ten Polyester Resins Producers for Powder Coatings”, with a clear lead, showing its position in the polyester resins segment.

With the support of national policies, Shenjian will further strengthen the main business, make continuous innovation and constantly launch cutting-edge products in the market to consolidate the leading position and give full play to the role of the industry leader.