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Awarded Several Honorary Titles of the Year 2021

date:2022.06.10 word size

Administrative Committee of WEDA (Wuhu Economic & Technological Development Area) held the “2022 Annual Enterprise Development Conference” on June 9, attended by major leaders of Administrative Committee and representatives of 93 enterprises. 

Wang Shefu, member of the CPC Working Committee and deputy director of the Administrative Committee of WEDA, read out the commendation decision and awarded the honors to top 30 industrial enterprises and top 20 commercial and service enterprises in 2021. Shenjian has won the honorary titles of “Top 30 Industrial Enterprises of the Year 2021”, “Top 20 Tax Contributors of the Year 2021” and “Safety Production Demonstration Enterprise of the Year 2021”. 

Industry is the leading part of the national economy, and tax payment is an important means of national economic regulation, both of which require the enterprise to develop in order with the premise of safety production.As a well-known enterprise in the resin industry, Shenjian has always attached importance to sustainable and high-quality development, and implemented standardized safety production; pay taxes in accordance with the law to achieve both economic and social benefits.

Shenjian will take these awards as an opportunity to grasp the policy of the state, province, city and district to forge ahead and do well in production and management. Make new and greater contributions to better and faster economic and social development.