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United as one to overcome difficulties of epidemic prevention - Shenjian is in action

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At the beginning of 2020, the novel coronavirus has raged in China. But the whole country is determined and working together to fight against the epidemic. Shenjian is also in the line. All Shenjian staff took active part in the fight under the important instructions issued by the president. 


 Speed — Rapid deployment of prevention work

The company asked all departments to pay close attention to the epidemic and strengthen prevention and control. On Jan. 24th, the Lunar Year’s Eve, the company quickly released a letter to all employees through wechat, emphasizing the importance of no visits, parties during the holiday and cancelled the annual party scheduled on Feb. 4th in quick respond to the government’s call.

Meanwhile, a wechat group for epidemic prevention and control consisted of major heads of each department and workshop has been established, in which the timely and detailed feedback on the physical condition and travel status of all employees would be issued every day. All employees were informed to actively cooperate with the local community and government to contribute to the prevention and control of the epidemic.

In order to ensure the resumption of work, the company has also arranged special personnel to purchase temperature controllers, masks, disinfection alcohol, disinfectant and other epidemic prevention materials for use during the epidemic period. 


 Party spirit — play the advanced role of CPC members


The company has set up a leading group for prevention and control of COVID-19, with president Liu Zhijian as the leader and the responsible of each department as the team members. The leading group has an office to comprehensively coordinate the prevention and control work, and quickly prepared the Emergency Plan and Rules for Prevention & Control Work and carried out the work in an orderly manner.


In order to give full play to the leading role of party members and the role of party branches as battle basements, a young volunteer team composed of all party members and middle-level management has been set up. In addition, the company initiates volunteers to take the lead to shoulder responsibility, do physical practice and perform their duties.


Party members and young volunteers of the company responded positively to the call, actively took part in service activities, and carried out comprehensive sanitation and disinfection work for the company, laying a good foundation for the smooth resumption of work.


Publicity — imporove employees’ awareness of prevention


The company has prepared the Novel Coronavirus Prevention Manual, which describes in detail the basic information of the virus, infection symptoms, and preventive measures during the Spring Festival travel rush, for all employees to take precautions. There are many ways to alert employees to do a good job of prevention, broadcasting the precautions in a circular way through the radio, hanging banners in prominent positions in the factory and using the dedicated publicity board. Besides, the company also requires all employees not to believe, spread and create rumors.

 Execution - detailed preventive measures

The company resumed production on Feb. 10 to finish the export orders asap. And at the same time, many strict measures were taken to ensure the mornal production:

1. Ask the employee to report their contact and travel history with people in affected areas during the Spring Festival

2. Strictly perform 14 days observation perild for employees from other provinces and 7 days for employees from other cities.

3. Distribute masks and other anti-epidemic materials for employees. Masks must be worn when entering the factory.

4. Set up a temperature measuring team and take the temperature of all employees twice a day.

5. Carry out separate dining system, i.e. dedicated person send the food to the post.

6. Disinfect the factory and dorm twice a day and keep the records.

7. Set up a registration record for ousiders, take their tempertature and disinfect the vehicles.

8. A safe distance must be maintained between logistics vehicles and personnel.

The prevention and control office summarized daily situation in “Epidemic Prevention Daily Work” and reported it to the leaders of the company and the inspection team leader of the government.

Humanity — care for employees and fulfill social responsibilites

The company made proper arrangements for the employees who are under quaratine in the dorm (Isolation is not separated from love) and arrange people to send them food every day to ensure their normal needs. Meanwhile, arrange dorm administrator to take their temperature twice a day, sterlize the dorm and publicize preventive measures.

The company actively fulfilled its social responsibilities and made a targeted donation of RMB 100,000 to the Red Cross Society of Wuhu City, making its own contribution to the early end of the epidemic.

In this special battle, all Shenjian people contributed their own efforts to fight against the epidemic together! We believe that under the strong leadership of the CPC Central Committee with President Xi at its core and with the joint efforts of frontline medical workers, we will be confident and united to achieve an early victory in the fight against the epidemic.