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Li Wanchun Visited Shenjian for Investigation

date:2021.04.25 word size

On April 23, Li Wanchun, chief engineer of the National Emergency Management Ministry and director of the Survey and Statistics Department, led a team to Shenjian for investigation. Zhang Haige, director of the Provincial Emergency Management Department, Li Bin, chief of the provincial Fire and Rescue Corps participated in the investigation, and Wuhu City Leaders, He Youwang and Yang Zhibin, accompanied the investigation

The investigation team listened to the general situation of safety management and military-civilian integration of Shenjian carefully, and gave full affirmation to the safety management. Li Wanchun stressed that safety is not trivial and the similar accidents in the past were often caused by operators' violations. Therefore, to improve the cultural quality of operators and strengthen the operation of standardized management is the premise and basis to eliminate safety accidents.

President Liu Zhijian thanked Li for his affirmation of the safety management of our company, and said that in the future, we will strengthen overall safety management, promote the three-year special rectification action of safety production, and improve the essential safety level.