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Red Cultural Education of CPC Members

date:2021.06.21 word size

On June 19, in order to commemorate the centenary of the Founding of the CPC, and promote the study and education of the party history, the Party Branch of the company organized party members to go to the Southern Anhui Incident martyrs cemetery and Yunling New Fourth Army revolutionary sites where located in Jing County, for carrying out the red cultural education activities.

It was rainy that day, but couldn’t stop the enthusiasm for receiving red education of each member who listened carefully to the narrator about the heroic struggle of the New Fourth Army. The video lively reproduced the scene at that time, fully demonstrated the revolutionary spirit and braveness to fight with the enemy of the New Fourth Army soldiers who are not afraid of difficulties and sacrifice. Each member was deeply impressed by their own experience, reviewed the oath of joining the Party and laid a wreath In front of the memorial of the martyrs.