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Safety Training & the 1st Safety Contest

date:2019.06.21 word size

In response to the launching of the theme activity of “ preventing risks, eliminating hidden dangers, and containing accidents” in the 18th national month of production safety, strengthen employee’s consciousness on production safety and ability of accident prevention, Shenjian organized the safety training and the first safety contest in the afternoon of June, 21.
Five participating teams from each department answered quickly in the sector of “required questions” and “quick responded questions”, competing to show a solid comprehension of safety. While the audience also showed no weakness and actively participated in the questions prepared for them. The whole process of the contest was exciting and colorful with score of each team leading alternately. Finally, production team from the third workshop won the championship, followed by production team from the second workshop and the team from technical department. The rest two teams won the participation award.
This contest strengthened the publicity of production safety and the safety awareness of employees, making production safety as a voluntary action and habit of the employees, and further consolidated the foundation of Shenjian’s safety work.