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Visit and Exchange from Anhui Polytechnic University

date:2019.11.29 word size

On the afternoon of Nov. 29th, Mr. Wang Shaowu, vice secretary of the Party Committee and president of Anhui Polytechnic University and his delegation came to Shenjian for a visit and exchange and awarded the license of Anhui Clean Catalytic Engineering Laboratory jointly applied by both sides.


After listening to president and general manger—Mr. Liu Zhijian’s introduction of Shenjian’s development history, products and market, President Wang affirmed Shenjian’s development achievements in recent years and hoped that the two sides could take the opportunity of jointly building the lab to tackle the key problems of science and technology, strengthen the exchanges between industry, university and research, and promote the further development and growth of China’s polyester resin industry, relying on the excellent faculty and scientific research innovation ability of Anhui Polytechnic University.


After the meeting, President Wang and his delegation visited the technical center and production workshop.